Protesters shouted "murderer" as Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who seized power in a 1973 coup, left a memorial mass for five of his bodyguards killed in an assassination attempt by communist guerrillas two years ago.

The protest Wednesday by some 30 people belonging to religious groups came less than a month before Pinochet, 72, faces voters as the only candidate in an Oct. 5 plebiscite in which the choice is "yes" or "no." Approval means Pinochet serves eight more years as president, while a "no" vote leads to an open election in 1989.The protesters started singing the theme song of an opposition coalition and shouting "murderer" as Pinochet left the Roman Catholic mass for those killed in the Sept. 7, 1986, assassination attempt. Pinochet was not wounded in the attack by communist guerrillas some 25 miles southeast of Santiago.