When you are referred to as "The Franchise" on a college football team the way Ute QB Scott Mitchell is, people watch your moves closely.

Mitchell, the 6-6 sophomore, wasn't on the sidelines or on the field for the start of last Friday's final scrimmage of two-a-days. Only seconds after the start, one Ute booster club member bellowed out, "Where's Mitchell?"The question fell like a rock off a cliff. Only the coaches and staff knew for sure. Everyone else was left to fret.

The rest of the scrimmage was devoted largely to speculation as to his whereabouts. He assuaged concerns some when he appeared briefly near the South end zone - walking - with one shoe off. X-rays taken during the practice indicated nothing serious and Mitchell said on Saturday that it was diagnosed as an irritation of ankle ligaments.

However, when it comes to Mitchell, you can never be too careful. Said one observer, "When Mitchell gets a hangnail, people get worried."