The Granite Board of Education on Tuesday passed a resolution authorizing the district's administration to actively work against the tax initiatives that will appear on November's ballot.

"We expect some criticism regarding the use of public funds to fight the tax initiatives," said Vice Chairman Lynn D. Davidson, "but we consider this an education effort. The public must remember that we already have made budget cuts. The perception that there is fat in our administration is sheer fantasy."Since 1985, the district has grown by 5,487 students, he said. At the same time, budget cuts amounting to $8.9 million have been made. Passage of the tax measures could cut another $20 million from Granite funds. That would require laying off one in seven employees and/or drastically reducing some programs.

Board member Patricia Sandstrom agreed that the decision to use school resources to fight the measures are not "scare tactics" but an effort to make school personnel and the public understand that passage of the initiatives could have drastic effects on education.