Salt Lake County should establish a policy prohibiting employees from campaigning for or against tax limitation initiatives on county time, independent gubernatorial candidate Merrill Cook told commissioners Wednesday.

But such a policy is already being formulated, commissioners say.Cook appeared at the commission's regular 10 a.m. session to protest a meeting earlier Wednesday, at which county budget director Nelson G. Williams outlined the potential impact of the initiatives on county revenues to 90 employees of the county parks and recreation division.

Identifying himself as "a taxpayer in Salt Lake County and a candidate for high state office," Cook said the parks division meeting was clearly organized in opposition to the initiatives, an allegation division director Glen Lu denied.

"County employees' time is paid for by the taxpayers," Cook said. "It was clearly understood that county employees were to be there on county time."

But Lu said the meeting was called only to clarify the impact that passage of the inititatives may have on the division's budget. There was no politicking, or encouraging employees to vote for or against the initiatives.