A newspaper reported on Wednesday that Mike Tyson's car crash last Sunday was a suicide attempt but the heavyweight champion's manager rejected the article as ridiculous.

The front-page story in the New York Daily News said Tyson was reported to have told his wife Robin Givens by telephone on Sunday that he was going to kill himself by crashing his car. "On Sunday morning after completing his roadwork in the Catskills, Mike Tyson called his wife's apartment in Manhattan," it said. "The champion's mind was racing and tortured.""I'm going to go out and kill myself," it said Tyson was reported to have told Givens. "I'm going to crash my car."

The article said Tyson then hung up and headed out the door. "He climbed into Givens' silver BMW and pressed the gas pedal to the floor. He wore no seat belt," the article said.

"The car skipped across a lawn and down the driveway," it said. "Tyson aimed the car into a tree."

The article cited "interviews with those individuals with an intimate knowledge of Tyson's turmoil" for its account of the incident, in which Tyson blacked out and suffered a concussion and partial amnesia that on Tuesday forced the cancellation of his October 22 bout with Briton Frank Bruno.

"I don't believe it," Tyson's manager Bill Cayton told Reuters in a telephone interview. "I don't think it has any credibility. I still don't know where they heard or came up with that story."

Read the portions of the article regarding the suicide allegation, which were made available to Reuters on Tuesday night, Cayton said: "Where did they get a story like that?"

The article also said the sources had said Tyson last week threatened to kill himself and Givens, and that he told his wife in his hospital bed on Sunday that he would make another attempt on his life "as soon as I get out of here ..."

Asked if he thought Givens - whom the article's sources described as having had numerous violent fights with Tyson - was herself a source for the story, Cayton said with a chuckle: "I can't believe that.