Dallas-based E-Systems has received $12.5 million in new contracts for work that will be performed by its Montek Division in Salt Lake City.

A total of $8.1 million was received from the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Seattle, Wash., for follow-on flight controls business for their 757 and 767 airliners.Flight controls are highly reliable electrohydraulic devices, which position major aircraft control surfaces such as elevators, ailerons, rudders, spoilers and stabilizers.

The U.S. Air Force awarded $4.4 million for AN/TRN-26 and MM-6500 tactical air navigation (TACAN) beacons. These TACAN beacons are capable of transmitting bearing, distance and identification information to aircraft.

E-Systems is a major worldwide developer and producer of defense electronic systems and products in the areas of intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance systems, command and control, electronic warfare, specialized aircraft maintenance and modification, guidance, navigation and control, communications and data systems.