His previous claim to fame was that his sister's best friend's family knew Madonna. But now the comedian known an Geechy Guy is known nationwide for his dry one-liners.

Like, "I just got drunk on rum cake. The only thing that sobered me up was coffee cake."Geechy Guy, a finalist this year on TV's Star Search, will appear in Salt Lake City tonight and Saturday at the Comedy Oasis in Bentley's private club at the Marriott Hotel, 75 S. West Temple. Show times are 8 and 10 p.m. Tickets are $10.

Geechy Guy, he explained in a phone interview, is a rough translation for the Japanese word for "crazy."

His real name, he said, is Flip Wilson. No, seriously folks, his real name is just "a regular American name" that he didn't want to use for fear of embarrassing his mother.

Actually, his mother is quite proud of him now, he said, especially after he set a new record for the highest accumulative scores in the history of Star Search even though he came in second in the show's finals.

Geechy Guy described his humor as "dry, laid back and funny," and compared himself to comedian Stephen Wright.

He said he likes to think of his material as "joke grenades" - he throws them into the audience, and about eight seconds later people get them and laugh. "My jokes are like doing a crossword puzzle: There's a little bit of work required."

Also performing tonight and Saturday are Joey Gaynor and Utah comedian Bengt Washburn as master of ceremonies. - Elaine Jarvik