Actress Kelly McGillis and Kerry Kennedy, daughter of slain Sen. Robert Kennedy, are the latest in a series of celebrities to carry on the anti-pesticide fast of United Farm Workers President Cesar Chavez.

By fasting for three days each, the celebrities are supporting Chavez's boycott of California table grapes in protest of allegedly dangerous pesticides used on the fruit.Chavez began the water-only fast in Delano, Calif., on July 16 over the dangers allegedly caused to workers and consumers by five pesticides: captan, dinoseb, methyl bromide, parathon and phosdrin.

After 36 days, Chavez turned the fast over to the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Since then, Jackson has passed the protest along to Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Joseph Lowery, who passed it to actor Martin Sheen, before it went to Sheen's son, actor Emilio Estevez and "Miami Vice" star Edward James Olmos.

On Tuesday, Estevez passed the fast to "Top Gun" star McGillis, Kennedy and Tommy Tang, a chef, outside a supermarket.

After completing her three days, Kennedy will turn the fast over to Lou Diamond Phillips, Estevez's co-star in the movie "Young Guns." McGillis has not decided who will receive the fast from her.