Two Utah programs designed to help needy citizens get back on their feet economically received awards in Washington, D.C., May 17 from Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp.

The programs, which won a "Specific Activity Award," were both developed by the Salt Lake County Housing Authority. Only 17 awards were presented nationwide.The Entrepreneurship for Single Parents (ESP) Program is a 20-week course to train low-income single parents to operate their own small businesses. The program was a collaborative effort of the housing authority, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Salt Lake Community College and the Small Business Development Corporation.

The Home Computer Program received the other award. With the help of UniBase Corporation, a local computer firm, public housing residents are able to work out of the homes, with computer training and equipment from the company. In turn, they are paid on a piece-work basis for doing data entry for Unibase. They are also allowed to use the computers for their own personal projects, which will help them gain additional experience to help job-search efforts.