Did you know that May is Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Month? Screening is available at several sites around the valley. For more information on a site in your area, call the Information and Referral Center, 487-4716.

If you'd like to inquire about or volunteer for any of the following requests, call the Volunteer Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.Perform basic office duties on a flexible schedule.

Be a campground host at Rockport State Park, 45 miles east of Salt Lake. Collect fees, assist visitors and provide information. Electricity and water provided.

Teach an elderly woman to crochet. Days and times are flexible.

Hem drapes.

Volunteer to decorate and make activity calendars. Once a month.

Paint table tops, remove paint from floors, move furniture at New Hope Multicultural Center.

Be a volunteer foster family for unaccompanied refugee teens from Vietnam.

Supervise visits between parents and children. Background police check required. Training and supervision provided. Also help with drop-in visits on families suspected of child abuse.

Help with Roundball Ruckus June 5-8. Benefit for Muscular Dystrophy. Registration and court monitors. Must be over 17 and know basketball. Training.

Be a receptionist for Juvenile Court office. Four hours minimum a week.

Help a woman with light housework. The woman has two broken wrists. Flexible times.

Be a receptionist at Traveler's Aid. Three-and-a-half hour shifts one to three times a week.

Do telephone survey. Short-term commitment.

Greet patients at hospital.

Visit bed-bound patients.

Work with Animal Caring Team fun run. Before and day of the race.

Teach English as a Second Language. Tuesday or Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m.

Be a co-leader with therapy group for sex-abuse victims and their families.

Transport neglected or abused children.

Perform office help as needed 3 to 4 hours per week. Volunteers will answer the telephone and do basic office duties. Days and times are flexible.

Help with general office work for one-half day per week. WordPerfect skills are desired.

Provide tours for historic, renovated home tour, May 18-19. Three-and-a-half-hour shifts.

Teach retarded adults basic living skills one to two days per week. Days and times are flexible.

Be a senior companion to visually handicapped senior citizens. Help them accomplish daily tasks - light housework, transportation, doctor appointments, etc. The volunteers must be age 60 or older and be available 20 hours per week. A small stipend is provided. Also need visually-impaired companions.

Sponsor a dog or cat in an emergency situation. Provide temporary shelter until homes can be found.

Do yard care chores for senior citizens. Small groups wanted, flexible schedule.

Help with bingo activities.

Work with arts and crafts activities.

Visit care center residents. Flexible times.

Spanish-speaking volunteer needed to be "on call" for West Jordan Police Department.

Play piano at care center.

Provide clerical assistance to historical society.

Take calls about pets that are lost, found, sick or injured. Training. Work at home, one day a week.

Give household items and furniture to families leaving homeless shelter.

Donate sewing machine and furniture for low-income refugee families.

Give yarn for therapy project for terminally ill patients.

Provide bath/shower chair for frail, elderly man.

Give electric stove to the handicapped.

Donate an electric typewriter.