The United States has offered the Philippines $489 million in aid this year in an effort to extend American use of two major military bases for two years, congressional sources said Wednesday.

The offer includes a doubling of the yearly fee for using Subic Bay Naval Base and Clark Air Base from $180 million to $360 million.But the Philippines government is asking for a more sizable increase - to more than $1 billion in aid overall.

The negotiations on renewing the base agreement, which expires in 1991, are in suspension at least until Foreign Minister Raul Manglapus meets here next week with State Department officials and key members of Congress, said the sources.

This year's military and economic aid to the Philippines totals $463 million. The Reagan administration is seeking congressional approval of $289 million for next year, in addition to food aid, which this year amounts to $62 million.

Although negotiations over the U.S. bases in the Philippines and also in Greece have broken down, the State Department on Tuesday voiced confidence the talks would be resumed and settlements reached.

Both allies benefit from the presence of U.S. military forces on their territory, spokesman Charles E. Redman said.