Springdale Mayor Bob Ralston and Councilman Steve Sandstrom are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to conviction of vandals who dumped slop and bloody chicken parts in and on their cars.

Washington County Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wright said vandals dumped slop - consisting of rice, beans and salsa - inside Sandstrom's auto Friday.Damage to the car, which was parked next to Sandstrom's residence at the time of the vandalism, was estimated at $2,000.

On Saturday, Ralston reported that someone had killed and dismembered a chicken at his residence, leaving parts of the bird in and around his yard and auto.

Authorities said the vandals placed the bird's wings on the windshield, and other pieces of the carcass inside the car.

Deputy sheriffs obtained physical evidence, including footprints at the scene, said Wright. He said the investigation was continuing Tuesday.