An 11-year-old bombing victim died early Thursday morning at University Hospital.

Adam Cook died at 12:12 a.m., without ever regaining consciousness, according to John Dwan, spokesman for the University of Utah Health Sciences Center.He was injured May 15 when a bomb exploded as he was sitting in a Toyota Landcruiser owned by his father, Howard Cook.

Police arrested Steven Douglas Thurman, 32, West Valley City, Friday. He has been charged with one count of possessing an unregistered explosive and is being held without bail. Murray Police officials have said capital homicide charges are possible.

Thurman was arrested after police searched his apartment and found wire connectors, duct tape, black powder and wiring.

According to a complaint filed in federal court, the force of the blast lodged an AA-size battery in the boy's brain.

Officials have said they believe the bomb was intended for the boy's father. The complaint filed against Thurman says Cook had been involved in a relationship with Thurman's ex-wife.

Wendy Thurman and Howard Cook both worked at Metz Baking Co., where there was a bomb threat the day before the boy was injured. Police searched the company and its vehicles without finding anything.