Alta View Hospital-

GARRETT, Denise and RICKS, Kirk, Midvale, girl.

GILLEN, Gregory and Kimberly, Sandy, girl.

REYNOLDS, Don and Ann, Park City, girl.

WHITING, Douglas and Teressa, West Jordan, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ASHDOWN, Bruce and Christine, Salt Lake City, girl.

BLONQUIST, Richard and Teri, Salt Lake City, girl.

BREWER, Rick and Diane, Salt Lake City, girl.

DAVIS, Glen and Janene, Salt Lake City, girl.

ECKERSLEY, John and Lisa, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOLLANDSWORTH, Ronald and Jeanette, Salt Lake City, girl.

JORGENSEN, Jared and Sherise, Salt Lake City, boy.

NEMELKA, Scott and Jenny, Sandy, boy.

OWENS, John and Sherri, Salt Lake City, girl.

SPRIGGS, Kellie, Sandy, girl.

SUMANS, Jon and Cori, Salt Lake City, boy.

THORNE, Barney and Amy, Salt Lake City, boy.

TURLEY, Curtis and Patty, Midvale, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BELT, Douglas and Anita, Magna, girl.

BRINGS, Steven and Joanne, girl.

BUTLER, Becky and MEADOR, James Jr., Salt Lake City, boy.

CONOVER, Rudd and Sidnee, Centerville, girl.

WHEELER, Noelle and SHUPE, Jason, Salt Lake City, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

ALLSOP, Brian and Patti, North Salt Lake, boy.

BARTON, Ronald and Laurel, Kaysville, girl.

DICKERSON, Matthew and Angie, Bountiful, boy.

HILL, James and Debra, Kaysville, boy.

MARTIN, Allen and Danelle, Bountiful, boy.

SANTIAGO, Eric and Loretta, Bountiful, girl.

SMITH, John Scott and Lisa, Sandy, girl.

THREDGOLD, Scott and Patricia, Farmington, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BOWLES, Bruce and Claudia, Winnemucca, girl.

CANNON, James Arthur and DaLynn, West Bountiful, boy.

DAVIES, Ro and Susan, Salt Lake City, girl.

ETCHEBERRY, German and Jenelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

FALK, Frank and Shawn, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARRIAS, Brian Jay and Michelle, Salt Lake City, girl.

MALOHIFO OU, Peni and Shelly, West Jordan, boy.

MARLETTE, Robert and Renee, Bountiful, girl.

NAHRWOLD, Bryan and Martha, Salt Lake City, boy.

OWEN, Randall and Shandi, Sandy, boy.

PEASLEY, Bruce and Carol Lee, Park City, boy.

PORTER, Jeffery and Kristin, Salt Lake City, girl.

SCHETTLER, Richard and Rebecca, Salt Lake City, girl.

SPEARS, Vern and Shirlynn, Salt Lake City, girl.

TURNER, Derran and Corri, Riverton, boy.

WILLIS, Kevin D. and Lynda, Salt Lake City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

DAMRON, Scott and DeeAnn, Sandy, girl.

HOLLAND, Michael and Nanette, Murray, boy.

University Hospital-

LOPEZ, Maria and PINA, Enrique, Salt Lake City, girl.