More than 700 roosters seized in cockfight raids in southern Ohio May 11 have been given a reprieve.

A Vinton County Common Pleas judge May 15 gave the state possession of the gamecocks and ordered them destroyed, but he granted a stay of execution pending appeals.The initial stay expired Wednesday but the Ohio Gamefowl Breeders Association and one of the rooster owners appealed the judge's decision to the appeals court for Vinton County.

Leonard Berkley, a staff attorney for the appellate court, said the stay of execution was extended for 10 days by the court.

Berkley said the meeting was to identify options available to the court. He said he would report to the judges, who will decide during the appeal what will happen to the roosters.

Owners of the roosters claim the birds are inadequately housed at an old poultry farm in Wheelersburg.

The raids ended a 16-month undercover investigation by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. About 400 people were charged in the raids, most with misdemeanor charges relating to cockfighting.