The Utah Board of Business and Economic Development has approved a plan submitted by McDonnell Douglas for a series of seminars the company is holding to solicit business from other Utah firms.

MD officials already have held two seminars and will hold eight others between now and July in an effort to encourage Utah companies to produce more items used in MD's commercial airliner sub-assembly work in Salt Lake City.Lynn Blake, co-director of the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development, said that when the company completes the 10 seminars it will bill the state for $80,000 and release of the money must come from the board.

This money is part of a $10 million program allowed by the last Legislature, particularly at MD's request, to enhance economic development in the state. The legislation allows for tax credits for qualifying companies that expand their operations or move to Utah.

MD is expanding its operation in the state, going from some assembly of floors to assembly of entire fuselages that will be shipped to Long Beach, Calif., for completion of the aircraft. More money from the $10 million is being used to ship heavy equipment to Salt Lake City from Long Beach.