The first bad guy ever to disarm the Lone Ranger is going to be spending a great deal of time around horses, but he won't be riding.

Texas District Judge Ted Poe on Tuesday sentenced the man convicted of stealing pistols owned by Jack Carlson "Clayton" Moore to spend 600 hours cleaning up after the horses at the local police stables in Houston.It could take years for Edward Louis Young III, 45, of suburban Missouri City to finish the sentence if he spends 20 hours a month shoveling manure at the stables of the Houston Mounted Patrol's stables.

The judge said it was an appropriate sentence for the man who disarmed the Lone Ranger, the masked television lawman, played by Moore in the 1950s, who invariably brought outlaws to justice.

Young, a former Continental Airlines baggage handler, was convicted of stealing Moore's chrome-plated, twin Colt .45-caliber revolvers at Houston Intercontinental Airport Dec. 24, 1986, while the actor was busy signing autographs.

The panel sentenced Young to 10 years probation.