A Weber State University student has pleaded guilty to making harassing phone calls to the widow of an Air Force pilot killed in Saudi Arabia.

Eric William Christensen, 29, of Ogden, entered the plea to one count of telephone harassment during a hearing in South Ogden's Justice Court.Sentencing was set for June 10. Christensen could receive a maximum of six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Capt. Michael Chinburg was killed in a Jan. 8 crash over northeastern Saudi Arabia. In the days following a memorial service at Hill Air Force Base, the pilot's widow, April Chinburg, was repeatedly called by Christensen.

She reported the calls to police, who traced the calls to Christensen's home number.

Chinburg said in February that the calls frightened her because the caller seemed to know personal details of her life and called repeatedly.

Christensen did not tell the court why he made the phone calls.