Graduates of the Young Mothers High School took time out with their families, friends and teachers Tuesday evening to reflect and give thanks during the school's annual graduation ceremonies.

"All my hard work has paid off receiving this diploma," said Tami Boswell. "It's very special to me."Mary Brailsford realized that school would be difficult but she decided she must go. "School became important to me. I wanted to be an example to my daughter."

Cathrene Cook honored the teachers at the school. "They will be etched forever in our memories. We hope to live up to your expectations. You have been more like friends than teachers," she said.

Terri Anderson said she thought Young Mothers School would be easy. "Two months later my husband was called to Saudi Arabia. I have learned there's nothing you can't do."

Alan Anderson returned from the gulf a few days ago. He expressed his appreciation to the school and his wife. "On our honeymoon she told me she hadn't graduated from high school. It surprised me."

Five years and two children later he decided to call the school district to see if they could help get Terri into the school. They did and within just a few weeks he went to the Persian Gulf and left her with not only two children, but homework too.

"I am proud of her and her efforts," he said. "I am proud of all of these students."

Mossi White, president of the Provo City School Board, said, "All the (hard) things that happen in life . . . they are the things that help us reach our goals."


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Young Mothers School

Provo City School District

Held at: Rock Canyon Elementary School

Number of graduates: 41

Participants: Speakers - Analee Boswell, Mary Brailsford, Tami Street, Tina Majers, Cathrene Cook, Terri Anderson, Alan Anderson; invocation - Roxanne Hirsche; musical selections by Sue Anne Allen, Jana Barkdull and Cherie Murray; special remarks by Mossi White, president of the Provo City School Board.