Amid an outpouring of concern from animal lovers around the world, Snowball, the notorious killer goat, has won a reprieve from the barbecue pit.

At least for the time being."It's looking a lot better," said Dixon Blackwood, the Cherokee County animal control director who had his life threatened over the critter's well-being. "It's looking like we can work out something to find him a place to go."

The 100-pound animal generated hundreds of telephone calls to Cherokee County, many of them hostile, after Snowball was threatened with euthanasia for killing his master Thursday.

Carl Hulsey, 77, had been beating the goat to "make him mean," so the animal could be used as a sort of watchdog, according to Hulsey's widow, Alma. But Snowball turned on Hulsey and butted him off a porch, killing the elderly man.