Age: 41\ Where born: Denver.\ Family: Wife, Pamela; daughters, Ann (17), Amanda(16), Faith (12) ; and son Spencer(8)

Education: Bachelor's degree in business finance, Oregon State University, 1971; two classes away from completing MBA at the University of Phoenix\ Primary products: Investment-related products and services\ Primary market: Discount brokerage services for individuals and professional and institutional investors who do not require the services of a full-commission broker

Number of employees: More than 3,000 nationally, one locally. "For now, we're still new here."

Annual sales: 1990 revenues were $625.9 million nationally


First "real" job: Cook and dishwasher at the Hob Nob Cafe, Monterey Park, Calif.

Management style: "Give the best person for the job the objectives so they can go to work on it, and keep it challenging by granting them all the responsibility and authority not expressly reserved for me."

Strategy for success: Internalize the vision of success, and remain committed to its accomplishment through hard work and focus.

A memorable failure: Being dropped as an FBI special agent for medical reasons.

Heroes: My father, and Chuck Yeager\ Leisure time and hobbies: Reading and working out. Hobbies include flying and travel.

Favorite book and movie: "Space" by James Michener; "Raiders of the Lost Ark."