A 25-working-day suspension was given Monday to a Murray police officer accused of causing an accident on May 5 while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Elmo Paul Jacobs, 50, a 20-year member of the Murray police force, apparently ran a red light at the intersection of 900 West and 400 South, crashing into the side of a car with six people in it, said Lt. Tom Brown, Salt Lake City Police Dept.Javier Sanchez, 36, Magna, was driving with his wife and four children when Jacobs crashed into his car. One passenger was reported as having minor injuries, while two others were reported as having possible injuries, said Brown.

Jacobs was cited at the scene for DUI and failure to stop for a traffic signal.

According to Craig Hall, Murray City attorney, the Murray police chief suspended Jacobs for 25 shifts following an Internal Affairs investigation by the Murray City Police Department.

Jacobs will not be able to participate in the department's car-per-man program for at least one year. The program allows officers to travel in their squad cars when off duty and to take them home as well. The theory behind this, Hall said, is that crime in the area will be deterred because of the increased visibility of police cars.

Hall said Jacobs was in an unmarked car at the time the incident occurred and was not on duty.