To show appreciation to the outstanding teachers in the Davis School District, the School Board would like to double their salaries.

Unfortunately, the school district doesn't have any money.So the school officials decided to do the next best thing they could think of - throw a big party.

First, they identified the top teacher from each of the county's 60 schools.

Then they called on the best high school musical groups and students to perform. They also invited Utah Symphony Director Joseph Silverstein to play a Bach violin solo and speak. And they invited Utah Education Association President Lily Eskelson - who sounds a lot like Joan Baez - to play her guitar and sing.

Then they got the Market Street Grill to shell out a couple of hundred pounds of fresh shrimp to go along with a smorgasbord prepared by Utah Catering and the school district's top chefs.

They coaxed a major grant out of Unisys Corp. to pay for miscellaneous expenses, such as a clock for each honored teacher.

And, finally, to top things off, they persuaded Northwest Pipeline to write out a $1,000 check to the Teacher of the Year.

It all added up to the first Davis County Schools Hall of Fame last week. District officials plan to hold the event yearly, said school district spokeswoman Sandra Wilkins.

Teacher of the Year accolades went to Dwight Brown, a science teacher at Bountiful High School. Administrator of the Year awards were presented to J. Forest Barker, Adams Elementary principal; Rulon Homer, Bountiful High principal; Russ Olson, a district area director; and Floyd Wilcox, assistant principal at Clearfield High.

Sixty-two other teachers were honored as Teachers of the Year for their particular school.

The honorees were: Margaret Anderson, Centerville Elementary; Vik Arnold, Young Parents School; Kathy Ballingham, Syracuse Elementary; Barbara Batchelor, East Layton Elementary; Joyce Beckstead, Bountiful Junior High; Darlene Bigler, Woods Cross Elementary; Kaye Bonner, Muir Elementary; Maxine Brandley, Hill Field Elementary.

Cynthia Brown, Knowlton Elementary; Richard Bunderson, Farmington Junior High; Donna Butler, Morgan Elementary; Lori Chandler, Clearfield High; Jeffery Clarke, Davis Learning Center; Dixie Cragun, Antelope Elementary; Robyn Doxey, Oak Hills Elementary; Blaine Draper, South Weber Elementary.

Nadine Drysdale, Layton Elementary; David Gill, Viewmont High; Marcia Hamblin, Sunset Junior; Ruth Hamblin, Syracuse Junior; Melynn Hamilton, Cook Elementary; Nedra Hatch, Central Davis Junior; Sharon Henderson, Holbrook Elementary; Dean Higby, North Davis Junior; Renae Hill, Doxey Elementary; Dorothy Hunt, Sunset Elementary;

Sherri Jackson, Wasatch Elementary; Gail James, Mountain High; Ellen Jeppson, Taylor Elementary; Colleen Johnson, West Bountiful Elementary; Louise Johnson, Bountiful Elementary; Doris Krensky, Meadowbrook Elementary; Gay Larsen, Tolman Elementary; Lester Lee, Millcreek Junior; Paul Lombardi, South Davis Junior.

Jane Long, Columbia Elementary; Marilyn Martin, Stewart Elementary; Shirrel Martin, Layton High; Myrna McCowan, Crestview Elementary; Mary Memmott, Reading Elementary; Joan Mercer, Farmington Elementary; Catherine Olsen, West Point Elementary; Virginia Ord, Mueller Park Junior.

Birchall Perkins, Davis High; Joyce Rees, Adelaide Elementary; Shirley Robinson, West Clinton Elementary; Roberta Rowley, King Elementary; Della Russell, Whitesides Elementary, Kathy Ryan, North Layton Junior; Rosemary Smith, Vae View Elementary; Joanne Spencer, Lincoln Elementary; Elizabeth Stewart, Centerville Junior.

Cindy Taylor, Adams Elementary; Joyce Tuckett, Kaysville Elementary; Diane Walker, Boulton Elementary; Janet Wardell, Clinton Elementary; Robert Weaver, Kaysville Junior; Grace Webb, Orchard Elementary; Connie Woodland, Holt Elementary.