Residents of unincorporated neighborhoods on the east and west sides of Salt Lake County settled long-standing disputes Tuesday over which community councils will represent them.

But the disputes may not be completely over.In a special election held in disputed areas, residents near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon split their decision, with the third and fourth districts voting to be represented by the Cottonwood Heights Community Council and the first and second districts voting to join the Holladay-Cottonwood Council.

On the west side, residents between the West Valley Highway corridor and 4015 West and between 4700 and 5400 south voted to join the Taylorsville-Bennion Community Council.

But some eastside residents complained of how the United Association of Community Councils drew district boundaries for the election. Norm Sims, the association representative in charge of the election, denied any attempt to influence the outcome through district boundaries.

"We did a lot of thinking on how to draw the districts and we tried to use natural boundaries," he said.