Winners have been announced in an annual high school journalism contest sponsored by Utah Press Women, an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women.

First-place winners' entries were sent to the national organization for judging. Categories, winners and their schools:News writing - Chandra Graham, Brighton, first; Darcie Robertson, West Jordan, second; Julie Rose, Provo, third; Tiffanie Plouzek and Chet Seely, West Jordan; and Ed Whitley, Skyline, all honorable mention.

Editorial - Matthew Breen, Brighton, first; Teri Hope, West Jordan, second; Kris Howell, Bingham, third; and Karen Olsen, Box Elder; Alicia Kammerath, Brighton; and Lori Dodd, Skyline, all honorable mention.

Feature - Adrian Burns, Provo, first; Lisa Hale and Alicia Kammerath, Brighton, second; Wendy Peaden and Jennifer Miller, West Jordan, both third; and Jared Smith, Provo; Jeremy Kartchner, Brighton; and Julie Rose, Provo, all honorable mention.

Column - Jennifer Miller, West Jordan, first; Krista Christen, Skyline, second; Corey Bullock, West Jordan, third; and Shane Carter, Provo; Casey Snyder, Bingham; and Chris Thomas, Skyline, all honorable mention.

Sports - Jeremy Anderson, Brighton, first; Chris Thomas, Skyline, second; Scott Smith Bell, West Jordan, third; and Larry Williams, West Jordan; Matthew Moench, Skyline; and Kip Rollins, Provo, all honorable mention.

Photography - Stacey Lockhard, West Jordan, first; Landon Densley, Provo, second; Richard Schow, Box Elder, third; and Edward Whitley, Skyline; and Kip Rollins, Provo.