The Green Berets have temporarily traded their cloak-and-dagger missions for the public spotlight, administering to thousands of sick and hungry cyclone survivors.

Leaving guns and combat gear behind, a three-man U.S. Army Special Forces team flew by helicopter to this storm-ravaged island off Bangladesh's southeast coast armed only with communications equipment, maps, survival gear and smiles.It is one of nine teams from the Special Forces and the Air Force Special Tactics Unit sent to Bangladesh as part of a 7,000-strong U.S. military task force helping survivors of the April 30 cyclone.

Experts in the art of war, the Green Berets have been getting an education in misery in Bangladesh.

"You can't kick these people anymore. You can't hurt them anymore. They've already had it," said Sgt. 1st Class Mark "Max" McIntyre. "There's no short-term Band-aid solution to this problem."

When helicopters land with relief goods, McIntyre is often on the landing pad helping toss out sacks of rice and cartons of medicine.