The Senate Wednesday rejected a Republican attempt to remove spending ceilings and public financing provisions for congressional campaigns from a campaign overhaul bill.

The vote was 56-42 to retain the spending limitations, and came despite the threat of a veto by President Bush.The Senate also approved by voice vote an amendment that would set a $25,000 ceiling on how much a congressional candidate could contribute or loan to his own campaign. There are no such ceilings now for congressional candidates.

The legislation also includes provisions banning senators from accepting speaking fees from special-interest groups, and limiting income from investments and outside jobs to 15 percent of the current $101,900 Senate salary.

Democrats said that stripping the spending ceilings and public financing from the bill would have doomed any chance at campaign overhaul.

But Republicans said Democrats were courting a veto.

"If it passes, it will be vetoed and the president's veto will be sustained," said Senate GOP Leader Bob Dole of Kansas.