When the economy is down, businesses usually suffer. But not the video and audio businesses. When things are tight, people tend to stay home. And when they stay home, they concentrate on homegrown entertainment.

This fact isn't being lost on the people who manufacture audio and video equipment. Sales of this equipment are experiencing a mini-boom in this time of economic malaise.But the electronics manufacturers aren't resting on their laurels. They have a slew of new products and new technologies coming down the pike to keep video and audio sales going at their current brisk clip.

According to the current issue of Video Magazine, here's some of what's on the horizon:

Large, flat television screens are still a few years away, but the prototypes are improving. For example, Toshiba has a liquid crystal display set that is 10.4-inches across and only 1 1/2-inch deep.

The current crop of compact discs have one big flaw - they can't be recorded on. Future CD players will be available with a feature called WORM drive for write-once, read many.

As the acronym implies, this new feature will allow owners to record - if only once - on a blank compact disc. Kenwood already has a prototype.

Remote controls have become very popular with video and audio consumers. They're so popular, in fact, that people are swamped with remotes designed to operate specific pieces of equipment - one for the TV, one for the videocassette recorder, one for the CD player, etc.