Here are some recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Edan Knaus:Knaus spends a great deal of time offering compassionate service to those in need in her neighborhood. She has been especially helpful in getting groceries and providing transportation for widows in her area and she has provided cards and gifts to many.

- Harlow Richards:

Richards started as a volunteer at Ensign Elementary in 1987 in foreign languages. He is now a volunteer at Rosepark Elementary School, where he tutors a Spanish boy who doesn't speak English. He has even been tutoring two Soviet doctors since last fall so they can pass the American Medical Exam Boards. He has also been a volunteer for the past two years at the local homeless shelter.

- Josephine Coleman:

Coleman delivers boxes of food each month to 25 elderly, homebound individuals through the food bank, where she volunteers each week. She also volunteers time every Thursday at the Pinview Care Center helping patients play bingo for a recreational evening. She has even been known to supply prizes for the winners at her own expense.

- Leone G. Smith:

Smith is characterized by a neighbor as a very thoughtful and kind person. She regularly visits local nursing homes, taking special treats and reading to patients and brightening their day.

- Wendell Crump:

Crump has been a volunteer at two local elementary schools for many years. He plants a large garden every spring and shares it each summer with his neighbors. In the winter, he keeps the walks and driveways clean for some of his neighbors. All this, when Crump's own health is not so good.

- Carol and Claire Larsen:

The Larsens, a Salt Lake couple, willingly help many of their neighbors, who are less fortunate or not in good health.

- Barbara M. Sharp:

Sharp provides transportation for many women in her neighborhood who are unable to drive themselves.

- William P. Bell:

Bell provides regular transportation for senior citizens in Salt Lake County. One neighbor said he goes the extra mile no matter what the weather. He not only helps older women in and out of the car but also in and out of doors to the grocery store, etc. All this, despite some problems with his feet that make walking difficult. He thinks nothing of himself and gives all his attention to the elderly.

- Mathel Davenport:

Davenport's life has been dedicated to the service of neighbors, friends and loved ones. Even though she suffers from cancer, she finds the strength to add happiness and joy to the lives of others. She regularly calls neighbors to inquire about their health and other problems.

She bakes delicious homemade bread and shares the fruit of this talent with her neighbors. She also bakes cookies for neighborhood children.

Davenport is also well-known among neighbors and friends for making her own special homemade greeting card.

She also spends time with her children and grandchildren.

- Max E. Jenson:

Jenson plays the organ in a number of nursing homes and the blind center to entertain senior citizens regularly for several hours a week.

He was also instrumental in securing an organ for a local center for the blind. He's talented at music and willing to share his talent for free.

- John Schuyler:

Schuyler has worked for more than a decade at LDS Hospital, identifying and testing babies who are at risk from hearing problems.