The Utah Energy Conservation and Development Council has approved funding for five projects designed to enhance fossil-fuel development and production in Utah.

The council, which is an advisory body to the Utah Division of Energy, approved four loans and one grant.Loans will go to:

- University of Utah Research Institute to develop advanced imaging technology to better identify oil and gas recovery potential in deltaic reservoirs.

- Resource Enterprises Inc. to develop horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques in coal mine walls.

- The U.'s fuels engineering department to develop a bench-scale catalytic combustor to convert low-concentration methane from mine vent air into heat to generate electricity.

- James Bunger and Associates to extract valuable chemicals from synthetic or paraffinic crudes using a low-temperature processing technology.

A grant will be awarded to the Utah Geological Survey to review scientific information from oil and gas wells in the Duchesne Field. A case study will be performed to evaluate the potential effectiveness of using improved horizontal drilling technology.