Movie buffs flocked to a recent auction of Hollywood memorabilia, bidding for Lucille Ball's driver's license, W.C. Fields' top hat and a pastel portrait of James Dean that sold for $16,000.

Marilyn Monroe's white, lace-trimmed bloomers were withdrawn from bidding, prompting a loud collective moan from about 350 people attending the Camden House Auction.But other objects belonging to Monroe went for hefty prices. Two fake diamond-studded bracelets that she wore in various films sold for $2,250. An assortment of her personal items, including a shot glass, a cup and saucer and several ashtrays, hauled in $2,750.\ Dean's collection, which included an antique hand mirror, a gold-filled pocket watch, a small pocketknife and a green railroad light, sold for $6,500. But it was the gold-framed, autographed portrait of Dean that drew the top bid of $16,000 among the nearly 1,000 costumes, scripts and vintage photographs up for sale.

Others items also did well.

A 3-foot special effects space pod from the 1960's TV series "Lost in Space" went for $6,500.

A 1986 California driver's license issued to the legendary queen of comedy and signed Lucille Ball Morton sold for $2,750, while Fields' trademark grey felt top hat was purchased for $9,000.

Barbara Stanwyck's leather director's chair, given by fellow cast members in the "The Big Valley" television show, sold for $1,100, and an autographed photo of the cast of "Gilligan's Island" drew $425.

An English officer's military short coat belonging to the late John Lennon was bought for $3,750.

Opera glasses belonging to Sir Laurence Olivier sold for $475, while a personal check signed in 1945 by Clark Gable pulled in $375.\ Elaborate Egyptian head dresses worn in the 1956 film "The Ten Commandments" went for $4,000 while the brown tunic Charlton Heston wore as Moses in the film sold for $3,250.

Marcine Bitner doled out $275 for three black-and-white autographed photos of Mae West.

The auction began Saturday when movie posters were put up for bid. A French poster for the 1956 American film "Forbidden Planet" was bought for $3,250.

Another top draw in the posters was "Singing in the Rain," which sold for $1,700.