The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters has selected 14 composers to receive this year's music awards.

Four composers, Frederic Goosens, Donald Harris, Tania J. Leon and Nicholas Thorne, won a $7,500 award for their creative work. The award includes one recording of a composition for each winner.Marjorie Merryman receives the Walter Hinrichsen award for publication of a work of music, given to a composer in mid-career.

Nathan Currier receives the $10,000 Charles Ives Fellowship, and Michael Daugherty and Paul Moravec receive Goddard Lieberson Fellowships - these awards were established to recognize "young composers of extraordinary gifts."

Kendall D. Briggs, Edmund J. Campion, John Vasconcelos Costa, Justin Davidson, Eric Sessler and Julia Wolfe all receive Ives Scholarships of $5,000 each - these awards are for young composers for continued study in composition.

Music-awards candidates are nominated by the academy's members, and their work is judged by an awards committee of prominent composers.