A fourth-grader's study shows that couples are nearly three times more likely to kiss each other in a "kiss-and-ride" lane at a Washington area subway stop than in a regular lane.

Danny Goldsmith, 9, who conducted the study, which made him one of four grand prize winners at the Prince George's County school science fair in Greenbelt, Md., last weekend.Danny monitored his subjects by sitting with his parents at the Takoma Park Metro subway station for four days, keeping an eye on the "kiss-and-ride" lane that is reserved for drivers who drop off passengers.

Danny found that 80 percent of the people in the "kiss-and-ride" lane smooched while only 32 percent locked lips in the regular lane.

"The reasons why this happened are not clear and could not possibly be determined in this study," he wrote in his report.

In a less scientific observation, Danny said he could tell the difference between newlyweds and couples who had been married a long time.

"The older couples just gave each other a quick kiss," he said.

Danny, a student at University Park Elementary School in Hyattsville, won $100 for his research.