If plastic wrap tangles when you unroll it, store the box in the freezer instead of the drawer. It will roll off as smooth as silk. Source: Clara Cohen, Naples, Fla.

- TO REMOVE COBWEBS in awkward corners, roll up a newspaper, cut one end into a fringe with scissors and attach the roll with rubber bands to a broom pole. Source: Nichol & Company.- FOR FAST CLEANUPS OUTSIDE, hang a bar of soap in a mesh bag on the outside faucet. This way there is no need to remove the soap when washing hands. Source: "Another Use for . . . 101 Common Household Items, " by Vicki Lansky (The Book Peddlers, $6.95)

- TO PREVENT THE FRUSTRATING and time-wasting job of untangling necklaces, close the clasps before storing them in a box or drawer. Circles are less likely to knot. Source: Barta Wood, Memphis.