DEAR ABBY: I read about the gentleman who saw an elderly lady take a pie out of the freezer in a supermarket, look at it, then put it back. Thinking perhaps she couldn't afford it, the gentleman walked over to her, smiled, then placed a folded $20 bill in her hand and said, "Go back and get that pie." Then he walked out the door. What a nice thing for a perfect stranger to do.

Something like that happened to me recently. On Feb. 8, my husband and I celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. It wasn't really a "celebration" because my husband is in a nursing home in Simcoe, Ontario. He wasn't able to go anywhere, so I stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and ordered two dinners to go - then I mentioned I was carrying it to my husband in a nursing home so we could have our anniversary dinner together.When they handed me my order, I started to pay and was told, "The couple who were standing near you when you gave me your order already paid for it. They asked me to say `Happy Anniversary.' "

Abby, I have no idea who they were, but that's just about the nicest thing that's ever happened to me. So, whoever you are, thank you! - MR. AND MRS. JAMES MANN, PORT ROWAN, ONTARIO

DEAR MR. AND MRS. MANN: Thanks for a heartwarming story. Aren't people wonderful?

DEAR ABBY: How do you feel about the media revealing the name of a person who was raped?

And while I have your attention, do you think the name of the rapist should be publicized? - CURIOUS

DEAR CURIOUS: I think the name of the victim should be revealed only with the permission of the victim. And I think the identity of the person accused of the crime should be noted as "the accused" until that person has been tried and found guilty.

DEAR ABBY: Would you expose your most embarrassing moment for all the world to see? Well, that's what my wife wants me to do. When we were married, we had our formal church wedding videotaped. As we approached the altar railing, I discovered to my horror that after walking past 200 friends and relatives, the zipper in my trousers was unzipped! There I am in living color, fumbling and tugging until I eventually made myself respectable. All of this is plainly recorded on video.

My dilemma: My wife thinks this would be a great entry for a home video show contest with a nationwide audience. She is sure it would win a prize. I don't even want to try. What do you think? - J.B. IN JAMAICA, N.Y.

DEAR J.B: I think you should block out your face and send in the tape.

CONFIDENTIAL TO LUKE IN SISTERS, ORE.: He who thinketh by the inch and speaketh by the yard should be kicked by the foot.

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