A Salt Lake County insurance agent accused of forging nearly 2,000 policies has been sentenced to prison.

Keith H. Horrocks, 44, who allegedly was paid more than $1 million in commissions, was sentenced Monday to serve nine zero-to-five-year terms on nine reduced counts of third-degree felony fraud and one to 15 years for a second-degree felony unlawful activity charge.Judge Kenneth Rigtrup also ordered the former New York Life Insurance agent to pay $818,229 restitution.

Deputy Salt Lake County Attorney Greg Skordas said more than 1,920 insurance policies were forged and investigators could find no evidence of a single legitimate policy.

Investigators believe $300,000 in illegal gains is stashed somewhere.

Horrocks denied stashing any money and offered to subject himself to hypnosis or a lie detector test. He said he has been honest with investigators and a prison sentence would only hinder his commitment to paying the money back.