Kaysville is not proposing any property or city tax increases in the coming year.

The council discussed keeping the property tax rate the same as last year, instead of allowing it to decrease automatically under state statute. But the increase in revenue would only amount to about $10,000, and the council decided it was not worth the advertising and hearings required by state law for a property tax increase.The only increase the council expects to impose is on sanitary sewer fees. The increase will be about $1.05 per household per month, passed along from the Central Davis Sewer District.

Kaysville operates its own electric utility and expects to transfer about $1.25 million in revenue from the utility to its capital improvements fund, using it to help build the city's new public works and operations center in west Kaysville.

The city is in its second year of installing a secondary water and irrigation system. It will spend around $2.5 million on the installation, generated from a state loan.

The city expects to generate about $220,000 in use fees and $275,000 in connection fees, which will be used to repay the state loan.


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Kaysville City budget

In millions of dollars

'91-'92 '90-91

General fund $2.27 $2.0

Other funds $6.35 $5.91


Police $.616 $.585

Fire $.162 $.137

Public Works $.568 $.477

City Electricity Utility $ 4.8 $ 3.7

Revenue Sources:

Property & Sales Taxes $1.18 $1.04

Service Charges $.492 $.214

Tax/fee hikes: None proposed

Property tax: $118 on an $80,000 home

Public hearing: Tuesday, June 18, 7 p.m., in municipal building, 23 E. Center St.