A Murray Police Department investigation has cleared four police officers accused of unlawful use of force and abusive language with racial overtones in the breakup of a March 24 drinking party at the Salt Lake County Fairgrounds.

The officers "used force necessary to effect arrest," said Lt. Dee Rowland. Both the officers and witnesses denied allegations that the officers had used nightsticks and/or flashlights to maintain order.In conducting the investigation, Rowland said, he found the partial allegations by four different complainants to be unfounded or inconclusive.

Although police have closed the investigation, complaining parties are still taking action. Guadalupe Vasquez, 30, West Valley City, says he was the recipient of unprovoked violence by officers. He claims, among other things, that he was hit by a flashlight. He is now threatening to sue the city and has filed a notice of claim through his attorney, which is a necessary procedure when suing a government entity.

According to Rowland, based on the police investigation, Vasquez's claims are unfounded.

Along with Vasquez, Fransisco Chavez, 44, Salt Lake City, and Richard E. Chacon, 30, Salt Lake City, who were also at the March 24 party, are facing numerous misdemeanor charges.