Henry Kissinger doesn't know whether the sun was shining on the day he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, because he was in the White House situation room and he "didn't know what the weather was."

The revelation came Tuesday as the former secretary of state served as a guest weatherman on the television program "CBS This Morning."Regular weatherman Mark McEwen, who quizzed Kissinger about his Nobel recollections, got his guest to point to the map and say: "That's a quick look at the national forecast" and "Now here's a look at your weather."

Later, Kissinger ran afoul of the tricky business of pointing to a map that appears behind a forecaster on the TV screen through electronic wizardry but is not visible there in the studio.

He repeatedly pointed in the wrong direction as he gave the day's forecast for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He promised to get the technique down by "next time," prompting host Harry Smith to comment that Kissinger had "invited himself back."

When CBS announced Kissinger's appearance last week, it said he had always wanted to take a shot at being a TV weatherman. The program's anchorwoman, Paula Zahn, was aware of his ambition and last month called him to offer him the chance, the network said.