Why take a river trip?

Mary Shrier-Chinn, river guide from Montana's Bitteroot Valley: "I do this for the personal satisfaction and the adventure. There are endless things to learn in the wilderness. The more time you spend here the more tuned in you get. Sharing that with other people is a big part of it for me. Sometimes we get the opportunity to give people an experience that has an impact on their lives."Philippe Serret, gemologist from Paris: "It's the best way to clear up my mind and take the time to live. It makes me less tense. We don't have this kind of space in France. Everyone here can show his real nature. Maybe if people knew this kind of life they would be more gentle.

Mario Bisio, retailer from Portland who is traveling with his nephews: "I enjoy exposing my nephews to wilderness camping. This is their first real wilderness experience and I'm getting a lot of joy out of watching them and sharing something I love with them."

Sheila Pickard, clinical psychologist from Chicago: "This has allowed me to start thinking about camping again. I believe you become looser with it each time."

Maurice Pickard, physician from Chicago: "Opportunities like this are slipping away based on an age factor. You need to go on this kind of trip when you're relatively healthy. I grew up in Chicago and was never exposed to this. It's nice to know you can get along without all the things you think you can't do without."