An Ogden woman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for arson in the torching of her boyfriend's house.

Jennifer Brown, 33, admitted setting fire to the home of Joseph West on March 5, three weeks after moving out of the house, where she'd lived with West for nearly eight years.Insurance paid the owner of the house, Richard Cornelius, and he subsequently gave Brown and West each $2,500 out of the insurance money, saying his former tenants are still in love.

Second District Judge David E. Roth paid little heed to the romance in the story Wednesday, sentencing Brown to jail and ordering her to pay back the insurance company the $15,000-plus settlement on the fire.

"Granted, she had provocation . . . but I have a hard time thinking of a more dangerous act," Roth said.

According to police, Brown threw gasoline on the porch of the house and the fire spread throughout the structure.

West first told officers he had set the fire, and he later asked prosecutors to drop the charge against Brown.