An artistic girl, she likes music and enjoys piano lessons.

Although she isn't particularly athletic, Lasara likes to ride her bike and is not afraid to try new activities. She has been water skiing and snowmobiling.

It isn't easy for Lasara to make new friends, but she does get along well with other children and is well-liked. Brownie Scouting has been a pleasant experience for her and has given her the opportunity to interact with other children and be involved in interesting activities.Born in January 1983, her early years were not always happy ones. She was abused and neglected and has lived in three foster homes. Therapy is helping her deal with emotional and behavioral problems and will probably be needed at times throughout her childhood.

She's a very shy and sensitive girl and is doing quite well with the stability and security of her current foster home. She is in the second grade, where she has some difficulty catching on to new subjects and is easily frustrated.

A two-parent family where Lasara would be the youngest or only child is preferred. Financial assistance is available.