A woman whose parachute failed to open fully plummeted 9,500 feet and survived, authorities said.

Jill Shields, 31, of Euclid in suburban Cleveland, jumped from a plane at 9,500 feet Sunday and went into a virtual free-fall with the parachute trailing above her, said Mark Mosley, an emergency medical technician from Parkman Township.She was in critical condition Monday with a compressed fracture of the spine at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

The accident occurred at the Cleveland Parachute Center near Parkman.

Troy Township Fire Lt. Fred Ogrinc said Shields was found in 15 inches of mucky ground. She was conscious but complained of chest pains, he said.

"She didn't remember jumping out of a plane," Mosley said. "She didn't remember hitting the ground."

Two other sky divers who saw her falling "tried to fly over to her, but she was flying at a much faster rate," Mosley said.

Rescuers said branches broke her fall and the mud on the ground absorbed some of the shock.

"She put a good 1-foot hole into the ground," said an assistant fire chief from Troy Township.