LIFE STORY\ Age: 63\Born: Magna \ Family: wife, Dorothy; children, Cheryl, Robert, Susan, Debra, Kenneth, Kathy; 23 grandchildren.

Education: Lehi High School, Class of 1946.

Occupation: Manufactures hotel furniture; he has worked with such projects as the Provo Excelsior Hotel, the University Park Hotel in Salt Lake City and various Hilton hotels.

CITY STATS Size: approximately 3 square miles\ Population: 380\ Budget: According to the state auditor's office, Cedar Fort's 1989 general gund was $40,568.

Number of employees: One woman, who runs the water system and takes care of the park.

Mayor's salary: In Cedar Fort, the mayor is an elected but unpaid position

PERSONAL Politics: Republican

First "real" job: I was an apprentice cabinetmaker in Southern California.

Management style: Cedar Fort is a mayor/city council government, and Hardman likes to work with the council to make decisions. Also, they want public input.

Why I like being mayor: "I like helping people. I like getting their input and finding out what they think is needed in the community." He said he wants to know everyone in his town.

Why I hate being mayor: "I get too much mail." Hardman thinks he should probably read everything he receives because he is mayor, but it is impossible. "There's got to be a way to reduce the paper flow that government work brings. I don't believe in creating work and that's what it seems is happening."

Recipe for success: "Just get out and do it." Don't put anything off until tomorrow.

A memorable failure: Though Hardman doesn't think he has had failures, he said there is one thing that he wishes he could have done in life, but he has never had time to do it. "I have always wanted to own and run a hotel."

Heroes: Lee Iacocca: "He's one of my greatest doers." Iacocca has good business principles and he gets out and does something with them, Hardman said.

Leisure: Hardman likes to ride horses, especially Arabians. He owns one named Brandy.

Favorite book: "How to Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill or any other books on positive thinking.

Favorite movie: "The Man From Snowy River."