The Utah State University communication department has received a grant from Sonic Cable Co. of Logan that will make it possible for broadcast students to produce daily newscasts to run locally on the CNN Headline News channel.

Randall Lee, manager of the Logan office of California-based Sonic Cable, said the company gave a $10,000 grant toward new equipment purchases and has designated an annual $500 scholarship to go to a student coordinator for the program. In addition, 10 minutes per hour on CNN Headline News has been offered to the students for local news.Lee estimated that fewer than 5 percent of cable companies have made community news available to their customers and called this move "a win-win situation for USU, the community and the customers."

Beginning in July, junior and senior broadcast students will produce two daily five-minute newscasts, one feature-oriented and one straight news, said Penny Byrne, broadcast professor. The two newscasts will alternate at 25 and 55 minutes after every hour on Logan Sonic Cable channel 23, CNN Headline News.

For the past six years, students had been producing a weekly half-hour news and feature segment called "Cache Rendezvous" that ran on the local cable access channel.

"This opportunity means two big changes for broadcast students. They will get to experience the tight deadline pressure of the real world, rather than having a week to put a story together. And, CNN Headline is big stuff. We appreciate the opportunity to appear on that program with its wider audience," Byrne said.