Violent protests intensify in S. Korea Students carry an effigy of a U.S. missile on a street in Kwangju, South Korea, as 50,000 people rally on the 11th anniversary of the bloody military suppression of a popular uprising against martial-law rule in 1980. More than 200,000 people staged nationwide protests, the biggest demonstrations since President Roh Tae-woo came to power in 1988. Tens of thousands of Students and workers paralyzed Seoul and major cities in nighttime fighting between riot police firing tear gas and protesters wielding firebombs, rocks and clubs. Three people set themselves on fire, killing one. Scores were believed injured during the protests, which capped three weeks of violent unrest. Dissident students, workers and politicians are demanding the resignation of Roh's Cabinet. Some have speculated that Roh will reshuffle the Cabinet in response to the protesters' pressure. About 50,000 riot police were deployed nationwide.