Perhaps Ray Handley's first major task as New York Giants coach should be to calm down an angry Lawrence Taylor.

Taylor took news of Bill Parcells resignation as head coach badly, blasting Giants management for letting him go. Taylor, the outside linebacker who has played in the Pro Bowl all 10 NFL seasons and helped the Giants to two Super Bowls, blasted general manager George Young Friday at a charity golf tournament at the Shore Oaks Golf Club."I don't see how George Young and the Giants organization could allow that man to go," Taylor said. "I can't see it. You offer him the world to stay. I don't care what it is . . . pay the SOB. Give him more power; whatever it takes. I just don't think there's any way they should have allowed him to leave."

Young refused to comment on Taylor's blast, but he did offer Parcells a contract extension and was willing to offer a healthy raise. It was Parcells who declined to negotiate. Parcells also said Wednesday when he announced his resignation he wanted no more power or anything else from the Giants.

Parcells wanted to tell Taylor before he announced his decision but could not reach him in North Carolina. The two did talk Friday morning. Taylor called Parcells' resignation "a sad day in Giants history."

Parcells and Taylor joined the Giants together in 1981; Parcells as a defensive assistant and Taylor as a first-round draft pick.

Parcells had a reputation as a players' coach, and Taylor said the veteran players would miss him most.