Just because Mike Tyson is freed from his June 28 fight against Razor Ruddock does not guarantee he will challenge champion Evander Holyfield next.

Although both sides expect negotiations to start next week, no talks have been scheduled between representatives of Holyfield and Tyson. There is still a chance Tyson will fight Ruddock before he challenges Holyfield."I don't rule that out," said Murad Muhammad, Ruddock's promoter. "I don't think Tyson and Holyfield are going to fight. There are a lot of things that can stop it.

"They can't even agree who will handle the pay-per-view. Holyfield is with TVKO and Tyson is with SET. It's network against network and the fighters are the victims."

Tyson's promoter Don King makes it sound like talks with Holyfield's promoters Shelly Finkel and Dan Duva will be quick and easy for a fight this fall.

"Shelly, Dan and I won't have any problem at all," King said. "We are giving the people what they want."

When negotiations for the Holyfield-Tyson fight begin, money will top the list of negotiating points.