The 1991 Utah Arts Festival, to be held June 26-30 at the Triad Center, needs volunteers to help with all phases of the summer event, from setting up stages and booths to staffing festival program areas, from painting faces to striking the festival and cleanup. Volunteers will receive festival T-shirts at cost, free admission to the festival, and free soda.

Jeff Grimshaw, who will direct volunteers for the festival, is a junior at the University of Utah, majoring in political science and communications and active in campus affairs. "Volunteering is a great way to meet people, to get involved in the arts and to put something of yourself back into the community," said Grimshaw. For more information, call 322-5912.For the first time, the Utah Arts Festival is receiving funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, after a site visit last year and thorough NEA review of the festival's artistic content. Said Linda Bonar, festival director, "This is a stamp of approval for the innovative artistic programming for which the festival strives, beyond the reward we receive each summer from the 90,000 people who attend and enjoy the festival. It's especially rewarding in our 15th anniversary year."