A 911 operator has been fired for giving a low priority to a frantic call from a man who later was found beaten to death.

Scott Quackenbush, 20, was killed last Sept. 28 shortly after calling 911 operator Diane Fisher from a telephone booth at a closed gas station.The body of Quackenbush, a student at California State University at Fresno, was found three days later behind the service station. Siosiua Livai and Totoa Pohahau, both 20, face a murder trial July 1.

The 911 operator claimed she couldn't hear sounds of a struggle because of noise in the police communications room.

In the tape-recorded call, Quackenbush could be heard saying "Get off my car, man!" then cursing and leaving the phone to argue with someone. Investigators said he died of injuries in a fight shortly afterward.